Listed & Conservation Restoration in West Dorset

In the UK we have the privilege of having a plethora of historic architecture. It is part of our everyday environment, unassuming and often left to fall into disrepair.

Here at Detail and Design Ltd we believe this cultural heritage to be of the upmost importance. Whilst conservation and restoration work on (and in) buildings of historic value is delicate and complex, we believe it is vital to preserve the social value of the past for the future.

The ability to conserve protected (listed) architecture and the spaces within them for future generations to enjoy is something we find highly rewarding.

Listed buildings are graded according to their historical importance, and we have experience of restoring all levels. Undertaking restoration work can be daunting, not least because of the pressure of getting it wrong, and that’s why we are here to help through the entire process. From conservation planning, surveying and recording to building assessments and planning programmes of maintenance.

  • Expert restorers that will get it right the first try without jeopardizing the rich heritage.
  • Special equipment to handle delicate restoration tasks fast and efficiently.
  • Reasonably priced listed and restoration services.
  • Experience matters; our professional craftsmen are well versed in handling the diversity and complexity involved with this service.
  • We are insured and certified meaning you can have complete peace of mind when you work with us.

When it comes to delicate tasks like this the risk is enormous that’s why we put our reputation, competence and years of experience at your disposal.

At Detail and Design Ltd maintaining the original condition of the heritage is non- negotiable. Together we can preserve the future today, we’ll be glad to help- contact us today.



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